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My Daily Routine

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

I wanted to give people a perspective on how they can start finding what works for them to help them find balance in their daily lives as well as heal, grow, feel and so much more. On this journey I have tried so many different things but for the past 2 years straight I have done the following things and then have added to it or tweaked these things.

Learning how to build a firm foundation in my life has helped me break free from self-sabotaging behaviors, helps me to shift my perspective by giving me something to focus on and also giving me something to look forward to each day. I take almost a full 2 hours to get my day going meaning I will start my day early. When I was still a slave to my old job I would sacrifice extra sleep so I could make sure I got this routine in so I would not be rushed in the morning.

The moment I wake up I reflect on what dreams I had and begin to process the things I can remember, how I felt in them, what symbols, signs or people/places/things showed up. I will either write them down if they are very detailed or record them, otherwise I will simply process them so I can keep those fresh in my mind to do further research on. This helps me to connect with my subconscious mind and my conscious mind to see if there is any over lapping themes or things I need to focus on.

Then I start my morning off everyday before my feet hit the ground and even if I mess up and let my feet hit the ground I always remember and get right to it. I give thanks to god/universe/source/spirit whatever you want to call it for all that I have. My gratitude list is very broad viewed and simple. Less is more but they humble me and remind me what I have to be thankful for each and everyday. Then I generally say to get myself going, "It is a new dawn and a new day" reminding myself I get to start over, that no matter what happened yesterday, today is a new day and to live presently.

I used to meditate first thing before I got out of bed but now I only do that if I feel called to and will generally meditate in the afternoon or evening when I feel more at ease (many people say first thing in the morning is the best time as your mind is less busy, but since I spend a lot of energy on my dreams I find it easier in the afternoon or evening for myself personally), but that was once part of my routine and at times still can be. I will generally just do more of a body scan to see whats going on with me. I still do a general body scan first thing but I don't go deep into theta every morning like I once used to. My body scan also sometimes plays into my dream review or the day before's events that helps me to start clearing that older energy and focus on the new day.

After using the restroom I drink a full glass of water, usually I will add fiber but no matter what I get myself hydrated first thing.

Depending on my schedule I will either go straight into a quick workout (which is always part of my day, just might shift around on the time of the day. I workout 6 days a week and even on my day of rest I will at minimum go for a walk) or I will jump into my morning routine depending on how much time I have before work. This has altered through the many stages of different jobs as well as when I did one of the hardest things in my life which was to take a risky leap of faith and quit working all together to focus solely on myself.

I have a board in my apartment that I have wrote down very key thanks/gratitude sentences that I read out loud everyday to myself and on the back are affirmations that I tell myself out loud. I will then either journal or for the past 8 months I say some prayers, read scripture and meditate with god. In my journaling exercises I have mentioned this on the podcast before but I will at minimum always write 3 things. The first thing is what I am letting go of today, perhaps this is a self-limiting belief, a toxic pattern or something physical that I no longer need, then I will write 1 thing I am grateful for and generally this will play into the first thing perhaps it is the opposite side of the coin you could say and then the 3rd thing is what I am focusing on for that day. I will say these things out loud to myself for they are what I will focus my thoughts and attention to for that day. Whenever my mind starts to wander I have those 3 things to at least focus on. If I begin to doubt myself I may remind myself of what I am letting go of for that day. Or if I catch myself being selfish or ungrateful I will immediately remind myself what I am grateful for and if I catch myself getting off track I can remind myself what I am focusing on today. I have altered my journaling exercises many times. I used to write out intentions and manifestations using different sequencing patterns or will free write 3 whole pages forcing myself to not get in my head and be very present, to working through any issues I may have.

Then I will either go to work or get to the tasks that I have set out for myself the night before or for that week. When I return home or complete my tasks I generally will have a night time routine for myself which is very important for me. I will self-reflect on my day and see if there are improvements that can be made and then I will shower, I will bring my thoughts with me so I can release them in the shower and cleanse and clear away that old energy. Sometimes I will visually watch things go down the drain as a symbol of truly cleansing myself of that old energy. I will then pray and do my nightly meditation with god. I will then journal about my day and set myself up for the next day. I will complete my daily delights list and generally read something before going to bed. I almost always have a cup of my favorite tea and try not to fall asleep to tv or the screen of my phone. I will then try and go into theta even if for only a few minutes to see if there is anything I need to clear from my mind to help me fall asleep.

Do I do these things every single day without exception, no. But I do almost always complete most of these simple things to me for they help me to take responsibility for my actions, my feelings and my thoughts. I don't feel as well rounded without some form of this routine in my daily life. I will generally always make time for them, they might be out of order or maybe a shortened version but it helps me to focus my time and energy on healthy things that bring me peace, joy and healing. They don't feel like tasks or meaningless things but instead part of what makes me feel fully satisfied at the end of a day, knowing that at bare minimum I did something beneficial for myself. No matter if I got out of alignment, got into an argument, self-sabotaged or anything else deemed negative in life, that at least I took accountability for something, and with these tools and routine am I better able to pull myself out of anything not for my highest good or to see a new perspective that was needed for me to grow.

You don't have to create as extensive of a list as I have created for myself or hold yourself to a really detailed task list, if it seems like a burden to you then it will be. Create something that is manageable and consistently do it. After I got into it, it was muscle memory and doesn't feel like work, now if I go without something I feel like I am missing something integral or something that I enjoy now. I hope this post helps you find something healthy that works for you.

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