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Updated: May 7


Faith...This is by far the most important feeling that one can experience in life. Faith like everything is duality by nature. There is the presence of faith and then the absence of it. Faith like hopeless or hopefulness is at times more of a state of being rather than an emotion; however, this is something that you truly feel within or without that I wanted to write about this emotion/feeling specifically for this series. Over the last 5 years my greatest gift that God presented me with was the gift of spirituality and within that was the belief of faith and then to experience what it means to truly have faith. Many are without faith. We see this clearly in today's day and age where people rather worship famous social media influencers, brand name luxury brands or the concept of greed rather than something higher that transcends the material world and exponentially increases your experience in all things including material abundance.

The earthly 3d reality is a very important environment that we humans get to experience. Within this reality we can create in a physical world our wildest dreams but in order to create here, one must create in higher planes of existence to truly transcend and manifest it in the physical world. Think of this 3d space more as a digital environment, for instance in computer programming it is called an IDE (Integrated development environment). Within the 3d plane we are able to integrate and develop what it is that we so wish to experience and create it within this physical environment. The issue many arise in is that they do not believe. We have lost sense of our childlike wonderment, the ability to imagine all together. This is directly connected to the concept and understanding of faith.

Faith by definition is to have complete belief/trust or confidence in something. If you do not believe that you in fact can do something then your outcome will most likely be that you won't. If you do not trust something most likely there will be something to confirm that it is not trustworthy or rather you are projecting it to be that way so you believe it to be true for you. If you do not have confidence in something or yourself even then you will not be able to perform at your optimal function or you won't even bother to begin in the first place.

At my all time low in life I began to really pray to God. I, as a very logical, rational thinker always had difficulties wrapping my head around the concept of God, yet the true me knew I always believed in something. I grew up knowing I believed in something and as I've mentioned in my personal life story episode, I really enjoyed being in churches, I like how they make me feel and I love gospel music and other things of that nature, yet wouldn't consider myself religious in any way shape or form during my developmental years. Even now I consider myself to be the most unreligious, religious person you'll ever meet. I viewed religion or faith as it will to be something like a routine or a job. I didn't understand what the true lesson was. I will say I don't think most of the people who attend churches, synagogues, mosques or temples actually connect with their faith always either. I think many view it as this routine and don't actually deeply connect. I have stated many times that there is truth in all religions but religion is not truth and I truly believe that is the connection one must understand to truly understand faith.

Following any sort of spiritual practice can add enrichment to your life but it is more important about how you are using that spiritual practice in the first place. Why do you feel the need to participate in something, what is this adding to your life, why are you doing this? A practice to believe in something or to develop faith is a positive experience with pure intentions. The problem that many fall into is the trap that they think they are now holy or enlightened by this practice that they are doing rather than embodying. Faith is one of the few emotions/feelings that one performs that has zero physical action that can be seen. It is one of the great mysteries of life. This one feeling/emotion is the direct linkage we carry from the divine realm. The deep inner knowing and trust in oneself or in the greater existence we call life is what faith truly is. Faith is this feeling that calms us, that guides us, drives us and propels us in the direction that the divine is revealing to us.

Another way I see faith is when there is the absence of fear. You no longer worry about what is or what will be but rather are in full presence and receptivity to allow whatever will be, to be. The more you believe in yourself and what you are the more you connect deeper with that feeling of faith. Take for instance Jesus Christ. He wasn't going around being overly emotional or overly self-absorbed in the way he was showing up in the world talking about his faith and that he is the incarnated son of God. He just led by example. His teachings were almost always riddles and most of them are in agricultural references talking about shepherding and growing/cultivating harvests. His teachings were mostly by showing how much he believed in his abilities and never doubted his value systems. When you truly believe in something or yourself you open yourself up to not caring about what others think, never willing to compromise yourself or being persuaded out of doing what you believe is true for you because you have faith at your core belief system guiding you to doing your best.

Faith just feels right. It feels the most natural and the true path of least resistance. It is something that fuels you, that lightens you and connects to you to experience everything in a more profound way. When I received the gift of faith that is truly when I could see life in technicolor as I like to call it. Everything looked more beautiful, I could hear better, smell better, see better and so many other wild crazy things took place in that transformation. Whenever I am out of alignment and in states of doubt, fear, worry or anxiety that is when I know my faith is not as strong and I am reminded to restore faith in myself. Faith in many ways cannot be enhanced without a deep connection with yourself. You have to pause and still yourself so that you can truly connect with a deeper part of your being.

I couldn't experience my faith without practicing it every single day, sometimes all day long. My prayer life is very deep and I take it very seriously. My mindset training is constant, overriding old programming systems by shifting my thoughts and words when I observe them out of alignment. To keeping a clear vision in my mind of what it is that I came here to do and never allowing that to be clouded from anything else that comes in. The faith I feel is knowing what feels right for me and what does not. Prayer life adds to help me deepen the faith, it is not a symbol that I have faith. Many pray to receive things instead of believing it to happen. While others pray in gratitude for what they have already received. We derive the law of attraction from the latter. Knowing that you are receiving what it is you so desire that you are thanking God for receiving it ahead of time. Faith either way is either the absence or presence of the feeling that everything is working out as it should. The more you develop faith the less you care about the outcome and rather believe that the outcome to come is the right one.

Faith is truly like all emotions solely controlled by your own self. No one else can give you faith. How many times did Jesus tell his disciples about their lack of faith in him was present and they begged and pleaded that they did, yet their actions proved time and time again that they were asking for physical proof or for him to do it for them through constant signs and miracles. I think the bible sums this up greatly in the verses: "Proverbs 3:5-6 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths." Faith isn't something you perform but rather letting go of the control to perform and put full trust that everything will come to you. For example by having faith that you will get a better job that feels more fulfilling to you, you believe that it is true for you. You move in that right direction by seeing what is out there and feeling your way through various adds and submitting applications. Perhaps you have conversations with others about your desire for a new job and what kind of job you are looking for. You begin to read and study more about the subject that you wish to pursue and then one day when you least expect it the phone rings and it's the new job you have been waiting for. You believed that you would receive it but let go of forcing it to happen. You didn't lay around and do nothing but rather you vibrated at the frequency of which you desired and it naturally came to you.

The absence of faith is unmistakable. You doubt everything and then begin to feel other emotions like hopelessness or pessimism. This is something that cannot be restored overnight but like everything on this platform requires one to take action and to be disciplined, persistent and consistent in that pursuit. Faith requires action and the action however won't exactly always be physical but rather one of the mind. Faith is one of the few emotions/feelings not many can visibly see externally to them but you can feel when someone has strong faith. That energy is powerful and if you're lucky enough to experience it first hand or you are able to possess it. It is one of the most life transforming energies a human can experience and I hope that many more will have the pleasure of experiencing what faith can bring to you and your life.

Keep shifting your perspectives and finding the delights in everyday moments.

Love and Light,


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