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Emotions: resentment and regret

Resentment and Regret That's How U Feel Podcast
Resentment and Regret That's How U Feel Podcast

The emotions of resentment and regret are also secondary emotions in the sense that you usually don't feel them right away. They slowly grow or just sneak up on you. When we are living a life where we are not actively in charge of our own emotions, experiencing the emotions of resentment and regret are much higher.

You are easily triggered by things and it tends to bubble below the surface until there is an eruption. The main problem with resentment comes the issue of gossiping and complaining about why you are resentful towards situations and the main problem with regret is isolating and doing nothing about a situation. At times in life these two emotions go hand in hand, playing with you and sending you down a spiral of the emotional roller coaster.

Let's break down each of these emotions and see how they come about, how you can identify them and more importantly what they are asking you to address within yourself. The emotion of resentment is a range or anger, hurt, hatred and despise towards a situation or person. Most resentful situations generally involve people so this emotion really has to do with how we are relating to other people through our own emotions. As we know every interaction we have with another person is either a mirror (the reverse/opposite of ourselves), projection or reflection of where we are at in our present timeline. When we are seeing someone who is doing something we do not like this stirs emotions in us where we are either experiencing our lack of control in our own lives, unresolved traumas from our past or failure to admit our flaws or desires.

Resentment is similar to jealousy where it is a really good indicator of what we need to address before it wrecks havoc in our lives and we do something that we cannot come back from. Like jealousy, which can turn into envy which is the harshest level of jealously. Resentment can turn into hatred towards another person. When we are harboring resentment towards someone or something this festers and grows. It weakens our heart chakra which then becomes blocked and prevents any good thing from coming in. Remember what you put out is what you get in return. If you are harboring ill feelings towards someone it blocks you from receiving love. People get this twisted so often. They are so angered by what other people are doing or saying it is preventing them from focusing all of their time and energy on the things that actually matter in life and skews their viewpoint on life. They are then denied access from being open to receive the things they actually desire.

This clear distinction is funny because they think that by projecting their victim mentality and trying to get people to see the injustice will all of a sudden bring them what they want. Which is validation and acceptance. When they are failing to validate themselves and accept the part that they play in their own demise. Resentment is something that feels like poison in the system. It will spread and infect other hosts as well. When you project resentment you will usually begin to gossip and complain because you are trying to find acceptance outside of yourself. You will try and get people to choose a side or only want to listen to people who agree with your point of view and reject the ones that try and shed light on the opposition. This closes you off to the solution that you are looking for.

A closed heart chakra will basically get you absolutely no where in life. You will live life without experiencing true happiness or love. You might amass wealth of stuff but have a demon inside you preventing you from ever experiencing the simple pleasures in life. When you have a closed heart chakra it prevents you from manifesting and it actually keeps you stuck and delayed from reaching your highest potential. Resentment is an emotion that blocks your heart chakra and then closes down your other chakras. Resentment will usually block you at your crown preventing you from accessing the correct data. When your crown chakra is overactive you begin to be in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety. You will succumb to earthly pleasures by over-consuming, pleasure seeking, being greedy or apathetic to other people's needs because you have become selfish and unwilling to see the world clearly as it is. Many people experience a disconnect from source/God energy and play victim when they are experiencing emotions of resentment and regret.

After resentment takes place almost like clockwork good old regret seeps in. You usually wouldn't even experience regret if resentment hadn't taken place. Regret can range from deep sadness, sorrow, humiliation, embarrassment, remorse, guilt, shame, etc. Regret encompasses many different emotions. Regret is actually you processing resentment, the only problem is that people don't like the way regret feels that they just stick to only feeling resentment. Regret is an emotion that only you can take full ownership of. Feeling regret makes you see the part that you played in your own demise and it is generally painful. Like you regret taking a certain job over another because this other job turned out to be way worse. You regret treating the nice person poorly in the past and then karma came in with the someone who you thought was great, turned out to backstab you and treat you the same way you treated the nice person. Funny, how that works, right?

Regret blocks your heart too from pushing forward and letting go of the attachment to the past and the attachment to controlling the outcome. Regrets cause people to either self-destruct or it can be their greatest catalyst in life to propel them to take a different route and work on the things that they were failing to do. Regret can literally kill us if we don't find ways to process the past. Holding onto the past prevents you from living in the present and will impact your future. It does not serve you having regrets in life. They ask you to address them and find a way to accept what has happened in your life.

What if I told you there were no such things as mistakes or the wrong choices in life? How would you live life? There would still be the law of cause and effect that whatever you are putting out you receive but there wasn't this stigma or conditioning in life that portrayed things as a mistake or the wrong choice but rather redirected you back to the path intended for you? Would that make you feel more empowered to change your course? The issue with regret is that it means you have to come clean about something. Mostly just to yourself at first but eventually it asks you to take aligned and inspired action. If you now know that there is no such thing as a wrong choice would this help you to let the past be the past and to feel more confident about making amends in your life?

These two emotions unfortunately control many people's thinking and outlook on life which prevents them from having the opportunity to simply live life. I know that I struggled with this for almost all of my life because I was failing to life my life authentically. I was lying to myself and others of how I truly and honestly felt. We all do this to some extent. We down play how sadden we are when people don't show up for us, or how hurt we are by things people said, to the lack of confidence to do something that we end up missing an opportunity. It really prevents us from feeling supported later in life and thus also really supporting others. One of the best remedies for resentment and regret is to be completely honest with yourself. If you need the help of a journal, a good friend to listen to you, a therapist, support group, God or anything else do it. You owe yourself that respect and safe space to find acceptance and peace. Life should just be full of experiences not just memories. If you can at least shift your perspective that all memories, doesn't matter whether good or bad because there are no mistakes, are actually just life experiences and anything else is simply just unprocessed emotions.

As always keep shifting your perspectives and finding the delights in everyday moments.

Love and Light,


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