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My personal story


Kate is based out of Oakland, California currently and has been in the Bay Area for over the past decade. She is certified in the health benefits of pranayama breath work, group guided meditation, transformational specialist, certified personal training and more and is open to collaboration and building community. 

"2018, I started a long winded healing journey of breaking free from all that no longer served me. 2019 led me down a path of spiritual awakening that was far from beautiful and enlightening at the time but having to experience the true dark night of the soul to reclaim my lost soul fragments and see myself clearly as a whole being. Someone who embodied not only their strengths and positive qualities but most importantly, all of their weaknesses and lower vibrational traits. By being able to accept them, integrate them and to love them as they are a part of me, which was truly both beautiful and enlightening but also freeing." 


On this journey I truly learned who I am on a soul level. I learned how to reprogram myself to be in alignment with my true authentic self. Not only healing to feel better but I believe healing ancestral lineage wounds, traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse, substance abuse, loss of loved ones from suicides, drug overdoses, cancer, and other traumatic losses, to the standard backstabbing, betrayals, codependent relationships, failed marriage, abandonment, self-limiting beliefs, family issues and a slew of other struggles we all endure to some degree.

I don't believe in comparing war stories with people anymore, nor does the past dictate my present state or my future. I accept all that is and am choosing to move forward in life and let go of the past pains and want to help others help themselves by freeing them of their trauma so that they may live a full and authentic life.

I found breathwork, yoga and other physical activities, sobriety, EFT Tapping, meditation, sound healing, energy healing, bodywork and many other techniques along the way but realized I don't need those to know myself. The most helpful tool was merely taking a good look in the mirror and holding myself accountable for my own suffering and that I no longer wished to live that way anymore and that I was going to be the one that could do it. This new outlook truly opened up new doors and possibilities to live a life full of passion and purpose and no longer allowing myself to hold back. 

I hope that this podcast and platform helps others find the tools that work best for them to heal from their own core wounding and what makes them feel the most authentic and living their purpose here on earth. 

"I hope you keep shifting your perspectives and finding the delights in everyday moments." 

Love and light,



  • Pranayama Breath Work Facilitator, ISSA 2021

  • Group Guided Meditation Facilitator, ISSA 2021

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