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Safe space container

One on one coaching session with kate

Offering 1:1 session on self-exploration. We will explore your deep subconscious to release old traumas and core wounding that is preventing you from moving forward in life. Helping with "goal traumas" that are blocking you in manifesting new opportunities for yourself. 

We will take a discovery call first to see if we are a good energetic pairing and if you are in fact ready to embark on this journey of self healing. (Please take a look at the intake form first and fill it out)

We will use guided meditation and journeying techniques, pranayama breath work and possible other styles, EFT tapping, but most importantly self-reflection within a safe space. Each journey is unique so your sessions are not limited to or will include each of these modalities. 

Sessions can range from 90 minutes for breakthrough sessions, hour long maintenance sessions and 30 minute alignment sessions. Packages available by request

*Rates are subject to change 

90 minutes $150

1 hour $99

30 minutes $49.99

All sessions will be done remotely via Zoom, possible in person sessions on case by case scenario. 

(Currently only accepting clients by inquiry only, please email for further details and fill out intake form)

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Looking for someone one to speak with? Just needing a safe space to talk about anything going on in life? Maybe you don't need any advice or comments but just someone to listen to you while you work through life out loud? This service offers talk space via Zoom or phone call to discuss anything going on in your life without feeling like you have to do something or have to join some sort of program. Sometimes we simply just need someone to talk to. 

Offering both 30 minute and 1 hour sessions. If you are looking to book please send a message in the chat system with your email and phone number, days, times and preference of phone or zoom for your session. Payments must be processed 24 hours before appointment time, no refunds for cancellations made within 24 hours before appointment time. 

Let's Work Together

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